JLA Ba’Aretz


Program Overview

Every year, JLA Upper School students kick off their academic journey with an extraordinary adventure in Israel, spanning from the middle of August until right before Rosh Hashanah. At JLA Ba’aretz (In-Israel), our students dive headfirst into an immersive learning experience that not only deepens their understanding of Judaism but also forges powerful connections—with each other, their Jewish heritage, and the captivating Land of Israel. This month-long expedition is strategically designed to create lasting memories and ignite a palpable energy that resonates throughout the entire school year.

What is JLA Baaretz?

A program that blends rigorous academics with hands-on experiences to create lifelong memories. Here’s a glimpse of what students can expect:

Jewish History

Embark on a captivating journey through the history of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, from the days of Avraham to the present.

Experiential Trips

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Israel, where the entire country becomes your classroom. Learn and connect with your peers while experiencing the rich cultural landscape.

Hebrew Language

Attain familiarity and fluency in Hebrew, fostering the ability to engage in conversational Hebrew.


Discover Judaism’s perspective on important philosophical questions. Explore the fascinating intersection of Torah and scientific innovation.

Morning Joe

Gain insight into the complexity of Israeli society and politics. Stay informed about current events, hone your critical thinking skills, and become an empathetic listener.

Art and Culture

Deepen your understanding of Jewish and Israeli culture through immersive tracks in Film, Visual Arts, and Music.

Physical Conditioning

Choose from a range of physical activities, including competitive sports, strength training, and yoga.


Develop deep appreciation for the importance of the State of Israel to the future of the Jewish people.

An Essential Part of Your Academic Journey

JLA Ba’aretz seamlessly integrates into our comprehensive Judaic Academic curriculum, making it an essential component of your education. This 3.5 – 4 week immersive program is a mandatory part of the educational experience for every 9th through 12th grade student and all costs are included in tuition. At JLA Upper School, we believe that the journey of self-discovery and connection to one’s heritage begins with experiences that resonate for a lifetime. JLA Ba’aretz is an unforgettable adventure that plays an important role in shaping the academic, cultural, and personal growth of our students and community.

Sample Schedule

During JLA Ba’aretz, students have the opportunity to experience and explore Israel and its rich history through a series of trips and activities, all seamlessly integrated with our Judaic Academic curriculum. Each day brings a new and unforgettable adventure. Click below to view a sample schedule and get a taste for the excitement of JLA Ba’aretz.


“I believe the most memorable trip was definitely when we went to the Kotel and learned about its history. Being so close to the places we’ve learned about and listening to all these amazing stories truly helped me to fully comprehend these concepts. Either that or hiking up Masada. It was very fun and challenging, and very rewarding when we reached the top.”

Andre A. ‘26

What Was the Most Memorable Part of the Trip for You?


“The Jerusalem Shabbat trip was the most memorable for me because I just felt so connected to the environment and people around me. This was when I started to feel like Israel was becoming my home.”

Sasha R. ‘27


“One of the most memorable trips was Tel Gezer. This was our first trip and I learned many things about that place and the history there. I was also able to connect symbolic things in Judaism to the history we were learning about Tel Gezer. An example of something I connected to Tel Gezer were the “Sheva Minim” which can be found around the mountain.”

Julia J. ‘27

Parent Testimonials

“Rabbi, I have no words to thank you and the school enough for this….we are beyond happy and touched to be a part of this…hopefully our children will become true Jewish and Zionist examples and be a key part of tikun olam.”

Gina E.

“I have no words to express how much this was not only delivered but way over our expectations. Everything from the moment we left him in your hands to the first hug when he met my wife back in the airport. Really amazing. It helped build the man we want him to be, and the man he can be. And surely now the man he wants to be.”

Fernando A.

“Wanted to thank you for all that you have done for the kids in Israel. We are very appreciative and thankful. We feel that our son found a home with a neshama that fits him and that he is in a good place. “

Eyal P.