JLA is not just another Jewish Day School. Its focus is exclusively on exceptional students with the greatest potential for leadership and academic achievement. It will also be centrally located within short commuting distance from all of Miami’s Jewish population centers, including Aventura, South Miami and Miami Beach.

Admissions to JLA will be limited to 45 students per grade. Selections will be made based on student character, ambition, and drive. In addition, all students will have to demonstrate the ability to succeed in an educational program where all courses will be at an Honors level or above. Knowledge of Hebrew and Judaic Studies is not a prerequisite for admission.

JLA will be a need-blind institution (where a student’s ability to pay is not considered during the admission process), and will utilize a fully indexed tuition model where families pay what they can afford. Full tuition will be on par with the Miami area’s top private schools, but additional tuition levels will exist for families for whom full tuition is out of reach. All program costs, including JLA’s multi-week immersion program in Israel, its service trips, and daily food service, will be included in tuition. JLA is deeply committed to educating mission appropriate students regardless of their ability to pay.

In order to foster independence of thought and a love for learning, student agency (choice of classes, choice of research areas, opportunities for student expression, etc.) will be a hallmark of JLA’s educational program. Additionally, course curricula will favor depth over breadth with an emphasis on building each student’s capacity for critical and creative thinking rather than rote memorization and spit-back. Where appropriate, courses will be project or inquiry based, allowing student questions and real-world problem solving to drive the course of study.

Yes. Every student will learn conversational Hebrew through the school’s Israel immersion and Ulpan programs. A multi-year Spanish program will be available for those students who want it as well.

Helping students develop healthy bodies in addition to healthy minds will be a core feature of JLA’s program. Therefore students will have daily physical conditioning in the school’s indoor gym and fitness center, outdoor track, tennis, basketball, and futsal courts. In addition, JLA will field competitive after-school teams for both boys and girls in soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cross country, and golf. 

All students in grades 8 through 12 will spend the first 3.5 weeks of school every year studying Hebrew, Jewish History, Tanach, and contemporary Israel in an immersive, real world setting at the AMHSI-JNF campus in Hod Hasharon, Israel. This annual study abroad experience will not only serve as a catalyst for student bonding with each other and with the State of Israel, but will allow for a greater focus on the school’s General Studies curriculum throughout the remainder of the year. Grades 6 and 7 will spend those first weeks on campus in their own immersive program which combines community building activities and an orientation to school life with an intensive dive into executive function and study skills for 6th graders and 7th graders. 

Students whose mother is Jewish or who have had an Orthodox conversion, regardless of current affiliation, observance or prior knowledge will be welcome at JLA. For the purposes of kashrut, tefillah, and other areas of Jewish law, JLA will operate in accordance with a Modern Orthodox approach. As a proudly Zionist institution, JLA will foster a love for Israel in its students while helping them to understand the complexities and nuance of its history and continued survival. The school will also aim to instill a strong connection to Judaism in all of its students. With morning prayer and one daily Judaic period in addition to Ulpan and the annual multi-week Israel immersion program, the JLA’s Judaic program will more closely resemble that of a Jewish Community School than that of a Yeshiva Day School.

Yes. A generous gift from the Ades family has helped purchase the school’s site and construct a state-of-the-art campus to be completed in July of 2023. The Ades family is still looking, however, for potential partner who shares the vision for the project. Our founders are also committed to offsetting the operational deficit created by the school’s indexed tuition model for the school’s first several years. The plan is to raise a significant endowment funded by the school’s community to ensure that the school’s indexed tuition program is sustainable over the long term.

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