Our Students


“To be a leader, you do not need a crown or robes of office. All you need to do is write your chapter in the story, do deeds that heal some of the pain in the world, and act so that others become a little better for having known you.”

– Rabbi Lord Johnathan Sacks

At JLA, we inspire and empower students to write their own chapter in the Jewish story. 

Our students come from a diverse array of Jewish backgrounds and homes, united by a shared sense of ambition to achieve and to succeed.

Over the course of seven years, JLA students learn to harness their aptitudes and abilities not only for the sake of their own academic success, but for the sake of transforming the communities around them. Through mentorship from world-class faculty, project-based and inquiry-driven curricula, as well as unique travel and extra-curricular opportunities, the JLA experience unlocks each student’s unique potential.

Upon graduation, JLA alumni will be prepared to embrace the challenge of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities while infusing their campuses, workplaces, and homes with a unique set of values, ethics and ideals. 

Ambition & Drive

A JLA student is passionate about their ideas and ideals and is driven by a sense of purpose. He or she is undeterred by a challenge and sees initial obstacles as mere stepping stones toward ultimate success.

Sharp Intellect

A JLA student is curious, inquisitive, and analytical. He or she sees the world as a puzzle waiting to be solved and as a mystery waiting to be revealed.

Refined Character

A JLA student recognizes the Tzelem Elokim, the Image of God, in every human being. He or she is kind, considerate, and caring; fusing high ability with genuine humility.

Interest in Judaism

A JLA student needs no prior background in Jewish learning, observance, or practice. However, he or she must have a genuine interest in exploring their Jewish heritage and in strengthening their connection to the Jewish people and the Jewish past.

Don’t think you can afford JLA? Think again.

JLA is committed to accepting mission-aligned students, irrespective of their financial resources, thanks to a generous commitment from our donors.

Providing the scholastic experience at the level that our students deserve is an expensive proposition, and therefore a JLA education is costly. The consequences to our kids and to our community, however, of only admitting those students who can afford the price of such an education is even higher. 

If your child is a potential JLA student, reach out and let us know