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שכר לימוד

“Some know the value of education by having it. I know it’s value by not having it. ”

– Frederick Douglas

A JLA education is an unparalleled investment in your child’s future and in the future of our community.

Need-Blind Admission
Families who can afford to fully fund their investment will be required to do so. However, we do not believe that ability to pay should be a criteria in the admissions process, and we are committed to enrolling every student that is accepted into the school, regardless of their financial means. The admissions process will therefore be “need blind”  and JLA is dedicated to fully integrating mission appropriate students from all socio-economic backgrounds into the fabric of school life.  

Indexed Tuition Program
Full annual tuition of $44,000 reflects the true cost of a JLA education. However, our Indexed Tuition program will endeavor to ensure that each family’s tuition fees are uniquely scaled to meet their individual means. Families interested in applying for indexed tuition will complete an assessment through a confidential third party tool designed to determine which one of JLA’s six tuition amounts is the most meaningful, yet affordable, indexed tuition tier for their family.

JLA Tuition Includes

  • Fresh and nutritious certified Kosher daily breakfast and lunch
  • High performance laptop computer
  • All books, calculators, and supplies required for class
  • All school sponsored educational and service learning trips
  • All school sponsored extracurricular activities and programs
  • All educational, travel, food, and lodging costs associated with
    JLA’s August in Israel program

Indexed Tuition Calculator

In order to facilitate transparency between JLA and prospective families, we have created a tuition estimator to give a sense of what their Indexed Tuition tier may be. While a final determination can only be made after a review of your completed Indexed Tuition application, this tool will help to provide an estimate based solely on the parameters shared with us below.

The Indexed Tuition tier estimated on the following screen is based on the basic parameters you’ve provided. A more thorough review and final determination will be made based on your completed FACTS application. This estimator is meant only to give you a rough sense of what your Indexed Tuition tier may be at JLA.
Based on the information that you have provided your estimated tuition would be [Tuition-Cost] per child enrolled. This amount is in addition to any income-based State of Florida scholarships (FES-EO/FTC) for which you may qualify.
Tier B $21,000 Tier C $15,000 Tier D $9,000 Tier E* $4,000 Tier A $32,000 True Cost $44,000 Tier B $21,000 Tier C $15,000 Tier D $9,000 Tier E* $4,000 Tier A $32,000 True Cost $44,000

*Families in Tier E may also be eligible for additional support from the Ades Family Foundation.

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