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Option 9

Bat Mitzvah: An Introduction to Jewish Adulthood Bar Mitzvah: An Introduction to Jewish Adulthood Parsha in Depth

Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins

JLA has established a relationship with John Hopkins University in order to offer our students advanced college level courses while in middle school. Admission to the program is highly selective, […]

Morning Joe

A student-led seminar held each Friday morning that encourages students to participate in robust discussions focused on local and global news while teaching them to think critically about how information […]

Option 9

An optional 9th period at the end of the school day dedicated to additional learning choices that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue study in an area of […]

Service Entrepreneurship

Each Friday students will dedicate time towards growing their experience, skills and commitment to making an impact in their world. Through a blend of training, mentorship, and real-world involvement with […]

JLA Leadership Training

Weekly seminars, a speaker series, and experiential activities designed to teach students the skills necessary for effective ethical and transformational leadership.

Star Summit

Beginning in mid-August and running through the first week of September, the STAR Summit is a mandatory 3 week immersive educational experience designed to help 6th and 7th graders discover […]


Intro to Spoken Hebrew 1 Intro to Spoken Hebrew 2

Judaic Elective

Intro to Nezikin: Civil and Criminal Law Parsha in Depth Character Development


Foundations in Drawing and Painting 6 Foundations in Drawing and Painting 7 and 8 Foundations in Ceramics and Sculpture 6 Foundations in Ceramics and Sculpture 7 and 8 Creative Movement […]


Coding Scratch MIT-Google FabLab Designers

Judaic Core

Shabbat and the Holidays (.5) The Wisdom of our Sages: Pirkei Avot (.5) Sanctifying Maker Space: Vayikra (.5)


Geo-Science: Earth and Space Botany Basics Chemistry Lab Rats Adventures in Health, Science and Medicine JLA CSI Forensic Science


Math 6 Math 7 Pre Algebra: Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)


Globetrotters: Geography and Ancient Civilizations