Star Summit

Beginning in mid-August and running through the first week of September, the STAR Summit is a mandatory 3 week immersive educational experience designed to help 6th and 7th graders discover themselves as students and as Jews, prepare for the rigors of a JLA curriculum, and connect deeply with their peers and mentors.

JLA Leadership Training

Weekly seminars, a speaker series, and experiential activities designed to teach students the skills necessary for effective ethical and transformational leadership.

Service Entrepreneurship

Each Friday students will dedicate time towards growing their experience, skills and commitment to making an impact in their world. Through a blend of training, mentorship, and real-world involvement with meaningful causes, JLA students will be immersed in an environment that will encourage their ambitions to shape their world through the eventual creation of their […]

Option 9

An optional 9th period at the end of the school day dedicated to additional learning choices that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue study in an area of interest.

Morning Joe

A student-led seminar held each Friday morning that encourages students to participate in robust discussions focused on local and global news while teaching them to think critically about how information is presented in various media outlets.

Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins

JLA has established a relationship with John Hopkins University in order to offer our students advanced college level courses while in middle school. Admission to the program is highly selective, and grades earned will be factored into the overall GPA.


Globetrotters: Geography and Ancient Civilizations


Math 6 Math 7 Pre Algebra: Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)


Geo-Science: Earth and Space Botany Basics Chemistry Lab Rats Adventures in Health, Science and Medicine JLA CSI Forensic Science

Judaic Core

Shabbat and the Holidays (.5) The Wisdom of our Sages: Pirkei Avot (.5) Sanctifying Maker Space: Vayikra (.5)


Coding Scratch MIT-Google FabLab Designers


Foundations in Drawing and Painting 6 Foundations in Drawing and Painting 7 and 8 Foundations in Ceramics and Sculpture 6 Foundations in Ceramics and Sculpture 7 and 8 Creative Movement Groove Workshop 1, 2, 3

Judaic Elective

Intro to Nezikin: Civil and Criminal Law Parsha in Depth Character Development


Intro to Spoken Hebrew 1 Intro to Spoken Hebrew 2

Option 9

Bat Mitzvah: An Introduction to Jewish Adulthood Bar Mitzvah: An Introduction to Jewish Adulthood Parsha in Depth