JLA Entrepreneur Program

Sophomores will be placed in groups and challenged over a nine week period to create and market a product or service. At the end of the quarter each group will present their idea to a panel of faculty members for evaluation.

Wilderness Expedition

Sophomores will participate in the JLA Wilderness Adventure, a program which employs the beauty and challenges offered by nature to promote self-advocacy, personal growth and teamwork through “Torah and the wisdom of the wilderness.”

Morning Joe

A student-led seminar held each Friday morning that encourages students to participate in robust discussions focused on local and global news while teaching them to think critically about how information is presented in various media outlets.

August in Israel

Students will spend the first 3.5 weeks of school every year in Israel immersed in Judaic and Israel studies which will serve as a catalyst for student bonding with each other and with the State of Israel, while also allowing  for a greater focus on the school’s College Preparatory curriculum throughout the remainder of the […]

Option 9

An optional 9th period at the end of the school day dedicated to additional learning choices that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue study in an area of interest.

Nesher Project

An hour of time each week devoted to project and inquiry based activities designed to encourage students to problem solve and think critically. During this period students will question, research, and develop a personal area of interest that encourages imagination, innovation and independence.

Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins

JLA has established a relationship with John Hopkins University in order to offer our students advanced college level courses while in high school. Admission to the program is highly selective, and grades earned will be factored into the overall GPA.

JLA Leadership Training

Weekly seminars, a speaker series, and experiential activities designed to teach students the skills necessary for effective ethical and transformational leadership.

Service Entrepreneurship

A program embedded in the curriculum and focused on service learning designed to introduce students to areas of need in the community. Students will choose a service project each semester based on their personal interest.

10th Grade

• Maimonides: The Man & ::His Work::• GOT: The Rise & Fall of ::Israel’s Kings::• Rashi & Ramban: ::Commentary & Contrast


• Holocaust Literature ::• Contributing Your Verse::• Dystopian Literature ::• Graphic Novels::• Literature of Color ::• American Jewish Literature::• Broadcast Journalism::• Screenplay Writing

Social Science

• History of the United States::• Microeconomics::• Psychology


• Geometry::• Algebra 2::• Pre-Calculus (AoPS)::• Intro to Number Theory & Intermediate Counting & Probability (AoPS)


• Chemistry: Properties & ::Structures::• Physics::• Anatomy & Physiology: ::From Head to Toe::• Botany & Horticulture: Plant Science

Judaic Core

• Maimonides: The Man & ::His Work::• GOT: The Rise & Fall of ::Israel’s Kings::• Rashi & Ramban: ::Commentary & Contrast


• Intro to Engineering::• Principles of Engineering::• IOS App Design::• Data Science


• Vocal Workshop::• Video Production::• Digital Art & Design

Judaic Elective

• The Sephardic Experience:Taste, Sounds, & Sights::• Hasidut: A Spirtual Journey::• Mussar: Jewish Ethical Improvement

Hebrew/World Language

• Conversational Hebrew 2::• Conversational Hebrew 3::• Espanol 1::• Espanol 2

Option 9A

• Science Research::• Intermediate Counting & Probability (AoPS)::• Tanach in Depth 2::• Espanol 1

Option 9B

• Jazz Band::• Game Theory::• Intermediate Counting & Probability (AoPS)::• Talmud 1::• Espanol 2