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JLA Curriculum Overview

Middle School at a Glance

Middle grade students will be enrolled in eight periods daily Monday through Thursday, including Judaic Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. They will also be required to take a language course in Hebrew and a Judaic Studies elective two days a week.  Additional requirements include a daily workout (physical conditioning), Art, STEM, and the option to enroll in a ninth period class for enrichment and exploration.

The Friday schedule is unique and will include an advisory period, Parshat HaShavua, community service, leadership seminars and an independent research project. 

MS Promotion Requirements


6th Grade

  • English 6-Heroes and Heroines
  • Social Science-Globetrotters/World Cultures & Geography
  • Mathematics-Foundations of Mathematics (6 & 7), Pre-Algebra, Introduction to Algebra 1 (AoPS- Art of Problem Solving)
  • Science-Infinity and Beyond/Geoscience & Planetary Science
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning-(Student Choice)
  • STEM (1 Semester)-Botany Basics, Coding 1,FABLAB or Gameopoly (Student Choice)
  • Arts ( 1 Semester)-Foundations in Drawing and Painting, Creative Movement, Acting: Set Design, Introduction to Instrumentation (Student Choice)
  • Judaic Studies-(Student Choice)
  • Elective Judaic Studies (Twice Weekly) (Student Choice)


7th Grade 

  • English 7-Fiction and Fantasy
  • Social Science-Puritans to Presidents/American History
  • Mathematics- Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Instruction to Algebra 1 (AoPS), Introduction to Geometry (AoPS- Art of Problem Solving)
  • Science- Forces, Motion, & Matter
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning-(Student Choice)
  • STEM (1 Semester)-LabRats, Introduction to Video Design, FABLAB: Solutions, History of Mathematics
  • Art (1 Semester)-Foundations in Ceramics, Creative Movement, Acting: Set Design, Harmony House: Introduction to Vocalization
  • Judaic Studies- (Student Choice)
  • Elective Judaic Studies (Twice Weekly) (Student Choice)


8th Grade 

  • English 8- Self Discovery & Shakespeare
  • Social Sciences-Civics: Power to the People/Economics: Supply, Demand & Amazon
  • Mathematics- Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry (AoPS), Intermediate Algebra¬† (AoPS)- (Art of Problem Solving)
  • Science-Life Sciences: Our World-It‚Äôs Alive, US Biology
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning-(Student Choice)
  • STEM ( Semester)-Adventures in Health and Medicine, Introduction to App Design, Engineering and Robotics, Game Theory (Student Choice)
  • Art (1 Semester)-Introduction to Digital Photography, Creative Movement, Acting: Set Design, Introduction to Digital Music (Student Choice)
  • Judaic Studies- (Student Choice)
  • Elective Judaic Studies (Twice Weekly) (Student Choice)


6th, 7th, 8th Grades

  • Parshat HaShavua
  • Morning Joe
  • Nesher Project
  • Advisory
  • JLA Community Service Program
  • JLA Leadership Training

Distinctive Middle School Experiences

6th, 7th & 8th

Option 9: 

An optional 9th period at the end of the school day dedicated to additional learning choices that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue study in an area of interest.  

Nesher Project: 

An hour of time each week devoted to project and inquiry based activities designed to encourage students to problem solve and think critically. Students will select a passion of their choice related to a school discipline. During this period, students will question, research, and develop a personal area of interest that encourages imagination, innovation and independence. 

Morning Joe: 

A student led seminar held each Friday morning that encourages students to participate in robust discussions focused on local and global issues of importance. 

JLA Community Service Programs: 

The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.   Pablo Picasso

JLA believes that, in the true spirit of Chesed, one of the most sacrosanct acts is that of giving to others. Thus, JLA students will be actively engaged in community service as part of the core curriculum during the school day. Designed to complement the extensive selection of academic, athletic and extracurricular opportunities, community service at JLA allows for choice. Students will select a service program each semester focused on an identified area of need, and they will work closely with other students to find a way to offer service. By providing choice, class time, and faculty support, JLA Service Programs grant students the opportunity to become deeply involved in a service project that is authentic and personally meaningful. Moreover, every student may seek a leadership position within a program once they have met the requirements.

JLA Leadership Training:  

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.  Margaret Mead


The overarching theme prevalent in each aspect of a JLA education is leadership. Whether one is in the classroom, on the field, or serving the community through one of the various programs, every student is actively working at developing and exercising their leadership skills. Moreover, students participate weekly in leadership training, where compassion, communication, inspiration, reasoning, cooperation, and self-evaluation are considered the stepping stones to becoming a respected leader. Developing these skills takes place through role-playing activities, group programs, exercises in character development, and additional opportunities embedded in the JLA curriculum which are designed to assist each student in uncovering their leadership potential. Among these opportunities, our JLA Speaker Series is focused on granting students in-person access to real-world leaders from various fields and disciplines.

6th & 7th


JLA’s STAR Summit is the launching point for every student’s JLA career.  Beginning in mid-August and running through the first week of September, the STAR Summit is a mandatory three-week immersive educational experience designed to help 6th and 7th graders discover themselves as students and as Jews, prepare for the rigors of a JLA curriculum, and connect deeply with their peers and mentors.

By running concurrently with our August in Israel program for 8th through 12th grade, the STAR Summit allows us to focus the energy and attention of our full faculty solely on our 6th and 7th grades.¬† The program will begin on campus with a variety of activities orienting new students to life at JLA, while providing returning 7th graders with their first opportunities to assume leadership roles in onboarding their new classmates.¬† From orientation and placement, the STAR Summit will move toward short but deep project-based dives into the study and organizational skills that will allow students to thrive in an academically challenging environment.¬† Opportunities will also be provided for ‚Äúbootcamp‚ÄĚ experiences for students who may need to catch up to their peers in areas such as Hebrew language or Math or who want an introduction to a new area of study.¬† These intensive experiences will be mixed with experiential learning outside of the classroom intended to build camaraderie and community, while inspiring students to ignite their inner spark and aspire to become their very best selves.¬† The STAR Summit will culminate in an overnight experience that will bring the various elements of their learning together and help set the tone for the academic year to come.


August in Israel: Eighth grade students will spend the first 3.5 weeks of school every year studying Hebrew, Jewish History, Tanach, and contemporary Israel in an immersive, real world setting in Israel.  This annual study abroad experience will not only serve as a catalyst for student bonding to each other and to the State of Israel, but will allow for a greater focus on the school’s General Studies curriculum throughout the remainder of the year.

Middle School Option Classes

Option classes are offered in the areas of Art, English, Spanish, STEM, Social Science, and Physical Conditioning. Some option classes will be offered during the school day, and many more are available after school during the Option 9 period. 



The Wisdom of our Fathers: Pirkei Avot

The Art of Jewish Prayer

Sibling Rivalry: From Isaac to Joseph

From Slavery to Redemption: The Exodus Story

Lessons in Leadership: The Trials and Travails of Moses

Heroines: From Sarah to Esther

Hashem: The Jewish Concept of God

Loving Your Neighbor: The Obligations to Assist

The Jewish Community: From Ancient Time Until Today

Becoming a Bat Mitzvah (Girls Only)

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah (Boys Only)


Creative Writing-Fiction

Introduction to Print -Journalism 

Introduction  to Broadcast-Journalism 

Yearbook MS


The Arts

Foundations in Drawing and Painting 

Foundations in Sculpture and Ceramics

Acting: Set Design

Steps and Styles

Creative Movement

Introduction to Instrumentation/Groove Workshop

Introduction to Vocalization/Harmony House

Introduction  to Digital Music Production 

Introduction  to Digital Photography 

Social Science

Digital Branding & Responsibility

Graphic Organization: Visible Thinking



Game Theory 1

History of Mathematics

Gameopoly: Math Challenges


Botany Basics

Adventures in Health Science and Medicine



Coding 1

Intro to Video Game Design 

Intro to IOS App Design 


Robotics: Nuts & Bolts

FABLAB: Designers and Makers 

FABLAB: Solutions

World Languages

Spanish 1 

Spanish 2


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