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JLA Curriculum Overview

Middle School at a Glance

Middle grade students will be enrolled in eight periods daily Monday through Thursday, including Judaic Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. They will also be required to take a language course in Hebrew and a Judaic Studies elective two days a week.  Additional requirements include a daily workout (physical conditioning), Art, STEM, and the option to enroll in a ninth period class for enrichment and exploration.

The Friday schedule is unique and will include an advisory period, Soul Center, a service entrepreneurship program and a period for students to research and explore areas of interest.

MS Promotion Requirements


6th Grade

  • English 6-Heroes and Heroines
  • Social Science-Globetrotters: Geography & Ancient Civilizations
  • Mathematics- Mathematics (6 or 7), Pre-Algebra (AoPS) (Based on Placement)
  • Science- GeoScience: Earth & Space
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning-(Choice of Options)
  • STEM (1 Semester)-Botany Basics, Coding Scratch (MIT), FabLab: Designers¬†& Makers, Chemistry Lab Rats, Adventures in Health, Science and Medicine, JLA CSI Forensic Science¬†
  • Arts ( 1 Semester)-Foundations in Drawing and Painting, Creative Movement, Acting: Groove Workshop, Introduction to Instrumentation 1,2,3, Encuentros
  • Judaic Studies- Shabbat and the Holidays, The Wisdom of our Sages: Pirkei Avot, Sanctifying Maker Space: Vayikra
  • Elective Judaic Studies – (Twice Weekly) Intro to Nezikin: Civil and Criminal Law, Parsha in Depth, Character Development¬†

7th Grade 

  • English 7-Fiction and Fantasy
  • Social Science-Puritans to Presidents: American History
  • Mathematics- Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Intro to Algebra (AoPS)
  • Science- Physical Science: Forces, Motion & Matter
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning (Choice of Options)
  • STEM (1 Semester)-Chemistry: Lab Rats, Intro to Video Game Design, FabLab: Solutions,¬†IOs App Design MIT- Google (Honors), Video Game Design/ eSports (Honors), Programming JAVA (Advanced)
  • Art (1 Semester) Foundations in Ceramics and Sculpture, Harmony House, Creative Movement, Groove Workshop 1,2,3¬†
  • Judaic Studies- The Art of Jewish Prayer, From Slavery to Redemption, Talmud Bava Metzi, What’s Mine¬†
  • Elective Judaic Studies (Twice Weekly) – Loving Your Neighbor, How Judaism Changed the World, The Oral Torah

8th Grade 

  • English 8- Young Adult Literature/Intro to Shakespeare
  • Social Sciences-Civics: People and Politics of the United States
  • Mathematics- Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc
  • Science- Physical Science /Forces, Motion & Matter
  • World Languages-Hebrew (Twice Weekly)
  • Physical Conditioning
  • STEM ( Semester)
  • Art (1 Semester)
  • Judaic Studies
  • Elective Judaic Studies (Twice Weekly)¬†


6th, 7th, 8th Grades

  • Soul Center
  • Morning Joe
  • Nesher Project
  • Advisory
  • JLA Service Entrepreneurship Program

Middle School Signature Programs

6th, 7th & 8th

Option 9: 

An optional 9th period at the end of the school day dedicated to additional learning choices that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue study in an area of interest.  

Nesher Project: 

An hour of time each week devoted to project and inquiry based activities designed to encourage students to problem solve and think critically. Students will select a passion of their choice related to a school discipline. During this period, students will question, research, and develop a personal area of interest that encourages imagination, innovation and independence. 

Morning Joe: 

A student led seminar held each Friday morning that encourages students to participate in robust discussions focused on local and global issues of importance. 

JLA Service Entrepreneurship Programs: 

A program embedded in the curriculum and focused on service learning designed to introduce students to areas of need in the community. Students will choose a service project each semester based on their personal interests. 

JLA Leadership Training:  


A leadership training program that is incorporated into the heart of the educational curriculum which allows students to put values into action. 

6th & 7th

Star Summit

A three week program designed for 6th and 7th grade students commencing in August. The focus of STAR SUMMIT will be to acquaint students with JLA, including Judaic Studies and an introduction to the campus, curriculum and faculty. During this time, the students will be engaged in activities that will prepare them for their middle year experiences. 


August in Israel: Eighth grade students will spend the first 3.5 weeks of school every year studying Hebrew, Jewish History, Tanach, and contemporary Israel in an immersive, real world setting in Israel.  This annual study abroad experience will not only serve as a catalyst for student bonding to each other and to the State of Israel, but will allow for a greater focus on the school’s General Studies curriculum throughout the remainder of the year.

Middle School Option 9 Classes

Option courses are offered in the areas of Art, English, Spanish, Mathematics, STEM, Social Science, Judaics, and Physical Conditioning. Some option classes will be offered during the school day, and many more are available after school during the Option 9 period.